Machine Services

Chipmatic provides traditional machine shop services. Which includes turning, milling, wire EDM, grinding and heat treatment. Our focus is on meeting and exceeding the customers quality requirements. Our Business strives on quality services and products.


Chipmatic is a contract machine house specializing in medium to small diameter production, turning, and milling. We adhere to tight, consistent delivery schedules on time sensitive production runs ranging from 50 to 50000 parts. Our customer support is second to none.



**Suggestion** Elaborate on specific machines used and break down process on how pieces are manufactured at Chipmatic (noting too detailed just enough to show potential customers how you do what you do). Picture on left will be of an in house machine possibly with worker.

Customer Support

**Suggestion** Ensure/Reassure to the customer how well your customer support is and what they can offer that competition cannot. Smaller company means we can better support you. Picture on right could be of in Office team.


How to Contact Us

Get in contact with us for more information on how we can start business with you. We look forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to give you the quality service and products that we offer.